Top 5 Profitable Cryptocoins for Miners – December 2016

As always we have to keep a close eye on every cryptopcurrecy, this list is based on a daily check on cryptocoins values and mining difficulties, is also based on what we have running in our farm.

On December 2016 we got some days where Ethereum took a step down and Monero took a step up, also ZCash became the first place for a small time frame.

At the ASIC side, Bitcoin has the crown for all month specially with the great upward trend that this coin had.
Thanks to this upward trend we just activated some old Antminer S7 we had disabled for a while.

GPU Mining

Ethereum ETH 198
Monero XMR 177
Expanse EXP 162
Zcash ZEC 126
Decred DCR 72

Based on rigs with 6 GPUs RX 470

ASIC Mining

 USD/THs  USD/Month
Bitcoin BTC 0.68USD S7 = 95
S9 = 234
Peercoin PPC 0.52USD S7 = 73
S9 = 179

Based on Antminers S7 and Antminers S9

Remember that this list is for miners, if you lookning for investment you have to deeper on another features of each cryptocurrency.

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