How to Combine 2 Power Supplies

A common challenge we have when adding more Video Cards to our mining rig is that the power supply need to be upgraded, more GPU also means more power consumption.

We have two options to make this upgrade:


Replacing old power supply unit (PSU) for a new and bigger one.

Example: Replacing our old 750W PSU for a 1300W PSU

Associated cost: 1300W PSU = 190USD
Your 750W PSU will be seating and wating for next project.


Keep old one running and buy another to fulfill power requirements of the new Video Cards that will be installed, combining the power supplies with a device call Add2PSU.

Example: Keep your old 750W PSU and buy another 750W PSU

Associated costs: 750W PSU = 80USD + Add2PSU Device = 20USD
Total cost: 100USD

What is the Add2PSU device?

Is a device that allows you to easily and safely connect and use two computer power supplies together when just one PSU is not powerful enough for your needs. The Add2Psu product was created by David Lorentzen. It was not originally designed for use with cryptocurrency mining rigs, but it has turned quite popular solution for connecting multiple power supplies for such.

How to Use Add2PSU?

The installation is very simple. Just identify the primary PSU and connect the ATX main cable to the motherboard, Then connect one of the molex connections to the Add2PSU device.

Now, connect the slave PSU ATX cable to the Add2PSU.

Ready, now ones you start the rig, the first PSU will start, then at same time Add2PSU device will detect voltage on the molex cable and will activate the secondary PSU.

Official Add2PSU or Un-Official Clone?

We have been using the original Add2PSU device without any mayor problem, you can purchase it at the official web page, our store or, basically same price. There are few clones of this device that can be also found online for half of the price but as always said, you get what you pay, remember the investment you have on your rig, this device will be managing the power supplies in order to keep them running at all time.

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